A Women Life

The Truth

In the silence of fear

When nobody near

She was all alone 

Managing her own
Suddenly somebody hit her from back

And carried in a sack

She was taken aback

When she saw a con**m pack
For no reason she suffered the pain

She was left in a railway lane 

She lost her life that night

When she was to do her fight
Being a girl was a sin she thought

After her death nobody faught

For society her parents regret

Finally under pressure it was her mistake they said
In the end justice was not in her side

Which left her parents cried

They lost their child for no reason

But for that guy it was simple fun.


23 Replies to “A Women Life”

  1. Beautiful and heart touchingπŸ˜†.In a very simple and decent manner,you have depicted the pain , anger and reality of Women’s life.If you don’t mind,I have written poem on this issue .Women Harrassment.If you get time ,I would like to know your views on it.

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