You have to be Different

Ok you are a messed up child who is jealous of rich asses showing off and you want tpo be materialistic as them.But your parents say they can’t offored and you say something bad to them and leave. What do you think for whom they are earning. Your education. Your clothes. Your tuition. Your daily expenditure. There are so many things. Now soon or later you have to earn. If you didn’t take your education seriously you ver well know the consequences. Do you know how parents feel after seeing your dumbass marks. There is no option for you. You have to grow up before age. What if you didn’t do? Imagine your future. Sad? Never too late grow up. Start taking these things seriously. Ok now think about your social problems with friends. You will feel these are nothing infront of your family problems. Grow up. Life will give hundred of opportunities gor relationships. Dont waste your  time in that.Leave addictions.There future depends on you. They are not investing on you to see the same they have too live with. this writing want help. Do something. Do something unusual. Set an example for your children. Do something that your children don’t have to face your situation.


21 Replies to “You have to be Different”

  1. Namaste!
    Thankyou for visiting my blog and appreciating my work 🙂
    The “You Have To Be Different series” is an eye-opening series, motivating and eye-catching series.
    Great Work! Keep Writing 🙂

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  2. Ok,? Leee said аnd thеn he stopped and thought.
    ?One of the best thng aЬout God iis ??? hmmmm?????..?
    He pսzzled aѕ a result of he had sο many issueѕ that had been niսce about God hoԝever hee wished to pick one of the best one so he would ᴡin the game.
    ?That he knows everything. That?s really cool. Which means he can assist mе withh my homework.?
    Larry concluded with a proᥙd expression on hiіs face.


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