You have to be Different (part 2)

So you are still the same old you. You haven’t changed. Want proof. See now also you were scrolling feeds and now reading this like what do you get from social media. Like you even depressed manny times. Why do you always want a phone on you hand. Why don’t you understand the time you waste on this can be utilised on many things. I bet you wont chose helping your parents instead of chatting. Like what are you doing. Your mother wasn’t busy chatting when you were hanging in her for 9 months. When they made you how to walk , how to speak. Leave this. Chatting day night you still think you have the worst problem yes you have because you don’t want to solve it you just want to have sympathy and cry . Do you Know there are some houses who don’t have parents, who have but are divorcing and children have to take this shit at a age of playing with them. Some people on road don’t expect for a meal. You don’t have a problem,you are creating it. Are you afraid of failiur ? No because if you were you would have done some hard work. You are a lazy asshole who just wants spoon feeding till death.Grow up understand your responsibilities. Understand your consequences. Understand that nobody expect you can handle this situation and this is the biggest medal of your life.

Please Read the First part and comment if you want a Part 3. 


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