You have to be Different (part 3)

Days passed. Some good times, some bad and some worst. But your the same you. Nothing will come to you directly,you have to work for it. You may have heard of many success stories of great people. Success stories doesn’t just have good days it is the mixture of hardwork pain and struggle. It is the determination of the person for their goal. Some day it will be your story. Your struggle would be an example for your juniors. Your surrounded people will praise you and you know the best part your parents would die in peace that they had seen their children with a bright future. No parent want their children in dept. Ok come out of the dream and think of yourself now.This period is easy for you. Everyone is one you. Their are many problems. Friendship issues, family issuess,etc. But think few years ahead no friend will care for you like you do now ( leaving some).Not for you but do it for your parents.Relationships can be made in any part of life. And if your partner really loves you he/she will respect your situation and understand and support you. Don’t just die leaving this a dream. 

Please read part 1 and 2 before. Please review bad or good I would love to know yout opinions.

I could have a wrote a part 4 but I want you guys to understand your responsibilities and show them all whom you are!This would be a blessing for me! All the best guys!!✌


7 Replies to “You have to be Different (part 3)”

  1. Good morning Anurag ! 🙂
    Welcome to my blog! 🙂
    I enjoy the visit 🙂 I enjoy the appreciation !! 🙂 🙂
    Until then, a lot of well-being and success in blogger activity! 🙂
    Aliosa 🙂

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