Just Friends

    A boy and a girl met

    They were Unknown

For friendship they regret

  But its seeds were sown.

        It became a plant 

         And later a tree

Time changed against those

And now they were not free

       The society opposed.

   Something was there in between Everyone thought

But in reality,the proof                       nobody got

Their friendship​ was real                   and strong

But the rumours made it                      wrong

      The talks they lend

        Came to an end.

    For others they sacrifice

      Now no hi’s no bye’s

    Slowly ignorance was                        the key

 Which hated both he and                       she

In the end they forgot each                    other

And now both were happy               with  another.

Do Comment. Please tell how was it… πŸ™‚


90 Replies to “Just Friends”

      1. Oh, no, you didn’t. Being a cheerful person, I especially notice those who are not; there are a lot of sad people in the world. I wish I could lend them some of my joy.

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  1. I loved the poem.! But sad endings do disturb me a little! In reality it happens like this, friendship blooms but then it suddenly dries up.
    But you know what, I don’t think that a third person can ever cause a break in your relationship if it’s strong enough. If it’s not strong, then there is no point in blaming a third party. Isn’t it.?

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      1. It is very simple. Open the link I sent you and check the rules… You can also collect some ideas from my post. First of all, accepting a award means you have to post it on your blog. You have to acknowledge the blogger who has nominated you. ( You have to say good things about meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) then you have to copy paste the rules. Then you have answer the two things asked there… Then you have to nominate some other 15 bloggers who, according to you, deserve this award. Then notify them via commenting. Simple😁

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