Why Me Always?

Why? Why do priorities change? Why does someone’s importance change? Why is there a third person in every case? Why people hesitate to accept their mistake? Why are people full of ego? Why is there always such a big dilemma? Why nobody answers these questions? The simple answer is in every question.

Time changes priorities, it’s changed by a third person and because of their ego, they don’t accept their mistake. There is no dilemma, nobody wants any dominance, but they’re still suffering with it.But it always ends with one question, why only me?

It’s not only you, look around, do you think only you have problems? No, you don’t know what’s happening in others lives,There are many people for whom a one time meal means everything,and see you busy struggling with these friendship issues. The solution to your problem is you, but you understand the importance of a solution after implying on it. Never be late in identifying that person in you, never leave that person.Nobody will come to you. This your time. This is you show. 

“Jealous them with your success,Kill them with your success!”


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