When I was your Part

Inside your womb

When I was ​your part

I was your life

And you were my heart.

You could kill me inside

But you did not

I am thankful to this

And love you a lot.

Slowly I grew

With some body structure too

And in within a couple of weeks

With my own little heart too.

When I was in you

I had no stress and fright

The only thing I did was 

Sleep day and night.

Slowly I could be seen

In your big belly

People put their ear there

Like it was there telly.

My kick made you smile

My movement grin

If you cry someday along

It will be my sin.

It was the time

I had no fear of no light

Because you were there with me

Which made my days shine bright.

 Though now I’m not a part of you  

But I know you’ll never change

Never be far

Always in range.

Hanging me for 9 months

Was not an easy Duty

But you did it with full dedication

Without loosing your beauty.

When I saw you 

I cried

Because I was happy inside

Alone with pride.

Words can’t describe your pain

For the things you did

I am thankful ​to god

I am your kid:)


44 Replies to “When I was your Part”

  1. What do you think about laws against abortion? It doesn’t seem to stop desperate women and girls who try to take things into their own hands. Better to promote policies that stop unplanned pregnancy like sex ed, birth control, not shaming girls for using contraception, medical and economic support for pregnant girls and women and new moms…

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    1. It’s basically upon them weather to abort or have a kiddo. Think if your mother thought this during your time your comment would not be here😊😊Thank you so much for you Comment. I appreciate your opinion!!


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