My Life!

I don’t know

What is going on

Some people stay some go

Don’t know whom to rely upon.

Some gives opinion

Some advices,

Some tell to give up

Without any compromises.

There are many problems

Still I cry on one,

Family is important or friends?

In end I choose none.

Life sucking hard

But I forget this everytime,

I am not alone

Who faces this hym.

One problem

One more,

And this increases

It doesn’t end till I am sore.

Sometimes I think to end this

Sometimes I feel to give up,

Nothing left for me

All is that I am fed up.

No,its not the answer, I thought

There are more ways I got,

If there are many things to leave

There are more to live.


22 Replies to “My Life!”

  1. The secrets eternal neither you know nor I
    The answers to the riddle neither you know nor I
    Behind the veil there is much talk about us why?
    when the veil falls neither you remain nor I

    What a confusing world we live in … !
    Amazing peom

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  2. This is just awesome. I totally love it!❤️
    Just started blogging, but trust me, this is the best post I’ve come across way far.
    Do check out my blog. Even critics from you would be largely appreciated.😊

    Liked by 1 person

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