Humans Are Weird

Humans are weird

They want success

But not hardwork,

They laugh at their failure

With a silly smirk.

Humans are weird

They want someone

Who loves them like hell,

But can’t do the same with whom they are liked

And fall in karma’s well.

Humans are weird

They don’t care about the person 

When they exist,

And after there exit

They can’t resist.

Humans are weird

They look  themselves in mirror

And feel good

Found some flaw,

 Spoil their mood.

Humans are weird

They cry for small things

And think of suicide,

Cry for few hours 

And put this aside.

Humans are weird

They always want something

And when they obtain,

They want another

Without any pain.

Humans are weird

They talk to someone daily

And suddenly ignore,

May be they got some one better

May be they are bored.

Humans are weird

For them

Other humans are time pass ,

They flirt, they stare and when done

Change their class.

Humans are weird

They know what’s wrong

But still do ,

God knows when

They will grew.

Humans are weird

They pray 

when the need 

And forget ,

When received.

Humans are weird

For nothing they over think

And spoil their mood,

Sigh for nothing

And a behavior rude.

Humans are weird

They talk to those

Whom they once ignore,

Making their own stories

With a fake sore.

Humans are weird

Even I am 

Writing this doesn’t make any sense

But i still did ,

Without dispense. 


20 Replies to “Humans Are Weird”

  1. This was actually amazing! I mean yess! Human beings are fickle creatures, most of them live an unsatisfied life and do not care about people who value them, only chase after self gratification in any form.


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