​They are also Human Beings

​They are also Human Beings.

Lesbian bisexual

Transgender or gay,

All are Human Beings

All are similar some way.

You eat the same

You pray the same,

So from where does

This difference came.

Some family support

Some not,

They Leave them alone

Or boycott.

In the world of growing population

They adopt children,

Give them their names

Which we have drained.

We are racial

They don’t get jobs,

They live on streets

No option left,they rob.

Their crime

Is our fault,

They don’t know what’s right

Because nobody taught.

They dye starving

Because of us,

At least give them food

Don’t be so disgust.

Call them ‘Chakka’

And other name,

Put yourself​ in their shoes

And understand the pain.

People discriminate them

And judiciary ignore,

This racial society

Could never sore.

You laugh at them

You make their fun,

Karma will hit you soon

You Hide or run.

So what

They are different,

Respect them

Be a gent.

Let them live

With Harmony and Peace,

They are also Human Beings

Stop the nonsense of tease.


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