I Lost

Solitary in dark

snaped the door

Wild tears flooded

Brain storm sore.

Blade on right

Her tattoo on left

Sweated my eyes

My heart debt.

Recollection of memories

Phase of depression

Knifes on back

Fake compassion.

Right hand 

Touched the left one

Drops of red

Haters won.

Knock on door

I threw the blade

Thought of my love ones

But slowly fade.


13 Replies to “I Lost”

  1. Nicely boys,? Mοmmy fіnally sɑid after theyd give you lots of foolish concepts of
    what God did for enjoуable, ?What God really likes іss
    when individujals lօve each other and deal with eaсh other like ᴡe doo in our family.?
    That made sense to Lee and Ꮮarry so Lee hugged Ⅿommy and Larry
    hugged ɗaddy to only make God happy.

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