Solitary in Dark

Solitary in dark

She made her mark,

Step by step by step

Reduced her pep.

Killing silence

A bike broke,

Fear ate her mind

Her heart havoc.

Whistling tune

Eco her ear,

Changed her gear

Street deteced her tear.

Out of fear

She ran to near,

Not so speed

Fulfilled the boy’s greed

The hands that pledge

Took her esteeme,

One was not enough

Participated the team.

A place

Where god is women,

Have grace

So strong are here’s men.

To the victim

Wasn’t done,

Parents denied justice

The only option was to run.

Run for justice

Run for respect,

Run for everything

That stole her prospect.

Again solitary in dark

Made her mark,

This time is built

And won without guilt.


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