When Life becomes Hell:(

When I was born
For seeing me, people were​ dying
It was the only time
My parents could see me crying.

I cried for going to school
I cried to leave my place
I cried to leave my parents
I cried for open lace.

Now too I cry for going school
Now too I cry when I am hurt
But now I have learn to hide it
With a full assert.

School wasn’t enough
Home wasn’t too
Whole life was becoming hell
Now what should I do?

I didn’t knew the life would be so hard
I always enjoyed earlier
Without any stress
Without any tear.

Sometimes family gave up on me
Some times my friends did
Some times tired of all
I tried to get off rid.

Rid. End it all
A silence fall
Hang on wall
Because who will care
After my exit, everyone will forget
This isn’t fair.

Not fair,I deserve better
Many things left for me 
So much left to experience
So much to see.

This phase gave me lessons 
This phase made me realize
Of what is life
And what is disguise.

Some days good
Some days bad
This is only ‘life’
So don’t be sad!


19 Replies to “When Life becomes Hell:(”

  1. Absolutely perfect…You need to give yourself a little push at hope to know that everyone have a second chance to live again.

    And while you are beating yourself up so much, take a break and try self love again.

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