Infront​ ice

Back flame

Go away 

If you can’t be the same

Infront​ best

Back worst

Find someone else

To fulfill your thirst

Infront​ cookie

Back burnt bread

I don’t know why

You ate up my head


Infront​ USA

Back China

You are a good actor

You camouflaged like hyena

Infront​ heal

Back pain

I regret when for you

I was insane

Infront​ sweet

Back bitter

Seeing​ you now, I advice

Contact a baby sitter

Infront​ heat

Back cold

I never knew 

You could be sold

Infront​ God

Back devil

If it was legal

I would have seriously kill

Infront​ food

Back shit

You came out to be someone

I never thought out a bit

Infront​ trust

Back bitch

Sorry I trusted you

Didn’t knew you were a witty witch

Infront​ real

Back fake

Pardon me dear

For God’s sake

Infront​ vodka

Back local drink

In a drop of water

Go die sink

Infront​ love

Back hate

I won’t take revenge

Karma is my mate

Infront sun 

Back moon

Disney offered you

Cause you are a toon.

Infront​ pizza

Back bun

Fuck you man

Cause I am done:)


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