My life,Worst life

Why everyone think their life is the worst? Why always people think of quiting everything? What do you think this will relief you. You never know what’s going in someone’s life. You never know what someone suffer of everyday. But you think your life is the worst. God only has taken to revenge from you out of 7 billion people. You must have seen a guy on a road begging. For that one, life is terrible. One time meal a day means everything to him. But here are you after having such a luxurious​ life, you feel your life is te worst. Imagine that person with no parents or single parent but manages everything. He/she may never show you, but you can’t even imagine how much he misses his family. And here are you, feeling your parents are worst, they don’t buy ypu anything, the scold you for small things. Life will give you ten things to leave but also thousand things to live. Giving up isn’t a option. You have so much guts to give but no determination and hardwork to prov yourself? No one can stop you? No one even bothers. The only people bothers are those who you call ‘cruel’ parents. But still you think your life is different and worst. If life gives you everything easily, you would’nt understand the pain to gain it. Not over. Still time. A whole new life can be started from thia moment​. Stop bothering about others. Stop caring about others. Stop carring about people and of ehat  they think.This is your stage. This is your show. Don’t let anyone replace you 😉


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