Things Nowadays…

Lots thoughts

No conclusion

Fear of faliure

Mood’s destruction.

I can’t, I won’t

Became routine

When a light of hope shone

And dimmed like a sin.

Sympathy, Empathy

Are weapon

Experience my shoes

Then don’t run.

Life is not easy

That’s what I was taught

But to that heights

I never thought.

I try to escape

I try to end

I try to smile

I try to pretend.

Uncountable problems

Still I increase everyday

Without reason adding bulk

It has become a habit, to pay.

At the end 

I try to defend

But expectations hate me

Adding problems for free.


17 Replies to “Things Nowadays…”

  1. this is so big, I share your feelings. Do not give up there is always hope. Sometimes it is only the weight of a feather which is missing to change the balance. May be just little steps from two sides an a bit of luck?

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  2. there is never a easy solution if life is hard like this, but it is also no solution to make it worse. The wish for every day has to be, to make it less hard each day, to be more tolerant, more trustful ad lovable….this is nor easy but makes a better life and a better human.

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