When we talk…

We are weired. We want to talk.Talk Day night. Sometimes I ain’t online, sometime you. We shout at each other for going off,the next minute the other comes. But when we come online together,we don’t talk much and act like stupids, though we have so many things to talk about. Then suddenly one of us goes and other, then suddenly remember so many things to tell. And this continues. And when the next time we clash, the same thing happens.


19 Replies to “When we talk…”

  1. oh yes I know this is bad! If it were at least as in the picture and you could see each other. Or if it were at least, that you could text directly with one another. What would I give? Even if you could not see each other, if you could not write directly to each other, what would I give to be understood by you or to understand you.
    Not to understand, not to be understood, not to have the opportunity to meet, not have the opportunity to exchange affections is cruel and break my heart.
    I can not do it, I will never convince you at a distance, my head is not smart enough and my skills inferior.

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      1. excuse the bitter words. A longing heart can talk badly make all beautiful things ugly and let forget all gratitude. Just as everything always can be still worse. lover’s grief is probably the worst grief.

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      2. Oh Anurag, if I knew what the truth is? You always have only your own feelings and you can interpret the words of others. And the bitter thing is that here in virtuel world your feelings getting crazy, because you have only the words. You have no voice, which tells you she is laughing, she is serious, she is insecure. You cannot see her laughing eyes or tears and you can not touch her, hug her, to show her your real feelings….to show her…the truth is something what does not exist, it is something we two can create for us….but online? Maybe if you have a soulmate you trust full, but are you happy than in real life or just longing for death?….and here we com back to your post: what else could we create in all this time, we are acting like stupids here, because we are afraid, we distrust and we are insecure? Why do I have to write this comment here right now? Why all this pain if there is a chance in real world?

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    1. Do you think that an on line relationship can replace a real relationship? It can be an supplement yes, I agree. And it can be fantastic if sincere, but without physical tenderness and warmth we get ill!


    2. you mean a real relationship…your love for life?..If yes, than just because you have already terminated the possibility for relationship in real life. I cannot imagine that, but it does not say, that it is not possible and beautiful. But I think this is very dangerous to suffer solitude, because real life you can not deny. You have to live, to buy your food, to act, to earn money, to face other people, to see happy couples around with children, to manage christmas, new year…..

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