Lost the age of innocence…

Reached the time
Full of chaos
“Yes” or “no”
Pressure across.

Confusion more
Decision less
Thoughts sore
Mind in mess.

Some one special
Some on not
Differencing between them
Failure you got.

Opportunities less
Laziness more
Competition to heights
Hard chance to glore.

Temporarly motivation
Chronic inspiration
Fear sensation
Plus unfair reservation.

Social distraction
Slipping mood
Above all
Love for food.

Time less
Work more
And what am doing?
Sleeping on floor.

Enough ryhm
Waste of time
Make a goal
And follow it whole.

Same old style
Different new complains
But this time
I’ll find gains.


4 Replies to “Lost the age of innocence…”

  1. this is a very moving and personally very appealing poetry, thank you very much! The innocent are only children, or? The moment I live self-responsible and make decisions, they will always have negative effects on irgedetwas, which gives me a “guilt” no matter how good the decision was.
    Your poem shows so much this terrible situation, in which it does not want to go any further. Because you have no goals. You have desires, yes, but how can you aspire to a goal in which your mind tells you this goal is not there? You turn away and let time pass and wait. Stupid and stupid! You cling to the last beautiful things that still exist in your life before you float in nothingness and sink into depression.
    Your head is crazy what can you do? I believe go out, the real world perceive is in this case not the worst?

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