Who this time…..?

Blind heart of trust
Weak eyes to wise
Poor body of lust
Sad mind in crise.

Decision less life
Dim thought
Misery in hive
False identity alot.

Faded confidence
Conscious brain
Condescending inference
Tears of pain.

Something to prove
Something to show
Dominating pressure
Made the mood low.

Let’s be selfish
Let’s change the choice
Let’s make a wish
Let’s raise voice

Do it for self
And touch success
Some day I’ll achieve all welf
In time more or less.


28 Replies to “Who this time…..?”

        1. Believe everybody, trust nobody. Just a quote by me. Ik it doesn’t suits here. Don’t take it as a offence cause you have already influenced me and i hope you to help me further. Ps i always wait for your comments

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          1. Then trust yourself in your abilities, in your kindness and your happiness, which will come! I am very honored that you like to read my comments. It’s weekend go, meet people, take the opportunity. Even if the chances are small they are bigger outside than at home …:) I wish you a nice weekend!

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              1. You are so welcome. It´s your blog, which let me go thinking. And my thoughts are not only answers for you. It´s for myself, to think deeper. I have the same problems then everybody to look too much inside myself. Sometimes it is easier try to understand others. Afterwards, you will perhaps see that your own thoughts were not right….that it is not your fault or the fault of the other person, but just the situation in whole. It becomes more lighter than and maybe you can trust more..in yourself and in others and just fighting situations not people!…: )

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