Live It. Leave it.

Live with what you have
Live with what get along
Live it before others steal
Live it cause nothings wrong
Experience everything
But don’t get addicted to one
Fight the problems
Instead of silent run
Live it today
Cause who knows
Tomorrow, you there or not
Tomorrow, you free or caught
Tomorrow, you puzzleed or sort
Tomorrow,you there or not.
Don’t be sad
Cause everyone doesn’t have everything
But still you have more than others
Just understand the thing
Instead of crying for what not
Live the things for which parents faught
Instead of being sad for someone
Just remember the moments caught
No dear
Your life isn’t worst
Cause still people die
Only cause to thirst
No dear
Your parents aren’t bad
Cause some people
Don’t really had
No dear
Studies aren’t tough
Its just you don’t want to
And thats enough
Whenever done
No need to end with knife
Cause its all about
Live, love and critisis life.


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