Lone fear
Sunkissed tear
Thoughts clear
Tragedy near
Peace mere
When ‘he’ is near
Generates peer
Moaning cheer
Left her body
Left her soul
Left her parents
To die in whole
Raped her inside
No her part
Broked her inside
Not her inside
Fights she alone
No support of birth giver
Remembers she the pain of moan
Always made her shiver
Fight to dicks
Fight for respect
Nobody except her
Understood her perspect
Continuous warnings to kill
Left ineffective for her
Because worst thing already happened
Now, Justice had to stir
Police complain
Court case
Couldn’t challenge the money
Left her blank face
Soliter in dark
She makes her mark
Was it her figure
Was it her dress
Or was it ‘his’ mistakes
That she got harassed
Not one but many
Not today but everyday
Thousands get raped
But few see’s justice ray
No it’s not her
But mistake of ‘his’
Lets make a change
And empowerment blis.



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