What the Fuck?

What the fuck?
Question same
Am I living life
Or playing a game.

A game of characters
A game of story
Am I winning?
Or staring glory.

Sometimes happy
Sometimes sad
All time confused
Yes I am going mad.

Complicated scene
Arranging the broken
Leaving the uneed
👆 Seriosly? When?

Whom to hold? Whom to go?
Wasted half my life
Sometimes it feels
Better to use knife.

But wait
Knife for whom
Who don’t care
Who don’t need
Who is not fair
Who do all deed
Who’s heart is bare
Who is full of greed
Who had a pleasant mask to wear
And sweet conversations to feed.

Whats the revenge
Whats the justice
Your success
Your smile
Which will put it in mess
And kill a while
So its time to confess
Open up the file
And delete that page
And take out all rage
And reach the peak
And only thing to speak

What the fuck
I am the best
What about others
Fuck the rest.


13 Replies to “What the Fuck?”

  1. Oh no my dear not fuck the rest.
    You are so talented and young and adorable! What a waste in bad thoughts? It is arguable about realities but not about whether life is a game. IT IS NO GAME !!!!!! Technology and progress have a price. But please not that our youth loses track. Life is precious, unique and a gift of God. Who plays with it, spoils his soul! There is a higher goal that counts for every human, that is the only game that counts.

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    1. We play phones or phones play us. Nowadays you know people online. You love online. You hate online. But when comes to real life you are strangers. Is not a game? Yes life is precious but its becoming precious game which cannot be restarted. Things changed and are changing constantly. There is more worth of iPhone X than a human kidney. This is not a joke but this practiced.

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      1. Oh Anurag, first of all I want to congratulate you on the extraordinary poem. Even though it shakes me up in terms of content, the shape is really splendid. I overlook that often when I let the posts translate directly and not read in the original. I have now made up for it and find the poem very successful!
        To the content: Yes You are right in a sad way. All the more important that you do not become part of this game yourself. As hard as it is be not constantly “online” . Set a clear limit and do not let replace real life. You have to recreate yourself your real life. Meet friends, be open to new friendships or meet online friends if you live nearby. and we will notice how good that is! We must not be caught by something that we condemn ourselves. The coming week is perfect for that. People will be out and open. We do not need hate and love online, we can have all outside there real!

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