Loosing Friends?

A 5 year old child
Who was crying to go to school
Soon got some friend group
And made everyday cool

The cried together
They laughed together
They lived together
They sighed together.

But slowly they grew up
And members declined
Distances increased
And soon confined

Soon he was alone
Finding some he could call best
And then he suddenly changed
A change to test.

He also got some new ones
Whom he enjoyed better
He started loosing the old ones
As if they don’t matter

Was it right or wrong
One day he thought
Concluding in end
Nothing he got.

But then he never looked back
And lived the present
But he always regret his decision
The things he meant

Without loosing you can’t grow
You have to lessen with a strife
Cause this is a cycle
This is life.


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