Those Worst days…

There are good days. There are bad days. And there are those worst days of life which we all hate. It feels like giving up. It feels like every one is just onto you. It feels like quiting. It feels like no one loves you. It feels like every one is fake. It feels like crying. It feels like everyone is fake and lying. It feels angry. It feels irritating. It feels like everything is complicated and next moment everything is so clear. It feels like sleeping (to be honest). hAnd when that best person person, you trusted would support, ignores your mood, it feels like hanging. Then to there’s expectations for next day. But who knows what will happen. And who cares. This is childish but hurts a lot. And we still know future is more harder then this. Days will change and so does moods. But one thing, we get to know things and people better. We get to know what is forever and what is whatever. And then we realise how much are parents love. But still we know the same thing will happen. And we’ll cry again but yeah, who cares. We haven’t even lived half of our life and feel to end. This is weired. This is coward. Live the good. Leave the bad. Thanks for reading as it makes no sense:)


2 Replies to “Those Worst days…”

  1. It’s still beautiful for me. Reading it, makes me feel like I am expressing myself. I can relate. I experienced it many times. But who motivates me to do my best in every situation and to think positive every time when things get rough are my God and my loved ones. Thinking about them and reminiscing the things they had done for me and how much they loved me, compelled me to do my best. Seeing them happy makes my day. ❤

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