Hundred chances
Thousands try
Only failure
Anyone knows why?

It was not failure
Neither it was a try
Its just begging
To a mission high.

Can cry for failure
Can sigh in bad time
Lazy ass won’t get up
But sing sad hyme

Many pending assignments
Many undone effort
But you will waste all time
Daydreaming or flirt

Your motivations, your idols
Were not one day star
They also did hard work
They have also struggled so far.

Patience isn’t the only key
Nor the determination
It’s just the will to do
That results in succession.

These things are nice to listen
And motivating to hear
But ask yourself
What would you do after here.


10 Replies to “Daydreaming…”

  1. This is wonderful, my friend! And the only important question is indeed what do I do after here? If my dream is something what is depending on my person I think there is a real chance to reach my dreams if I fight. If My dream depend at least 50percent on other people it is harder, because even if you get your part successful done, itβ€˜s not up to you if your dreams will come true. So this last but most important question can knock out all your feelings and refeXions.

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    1. Dreams shouldn’t be dependent. Okay sounds stupid cause nobody can control it but everyone including you will or had got a chance to go alone which if you had chosen you wouldn’t haven’t ask this question. But yeah personally i am also dependent on some one but ik they ain’t so i am trying to go Solitaire.

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      1. there you are absolutely right and you will go your way and be strong. Dreams should not be dependent. And with many dreams, you can also ignore dependencies. For example, professional dreams. With much work and will you achieve a lot. When it comes to emotional life and love, it is more difficult because one depends on the feelings of others. And that’s grueling. I wish you that you have luck here in your life and will have only little disappointments. Decisions are tough here, especially if you’re older. Yes and right, if you have decided to go alone, the questions do not arise. As I said, you are young, unbound and have your life before you so fight. I am old. I will fight too, but just for what fits into my life and my dreams. I got a lot in my life and my search goes only in one direction.

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          1. Go for your dreams Anurag. You are young and full of energy and Phantasie! Even if there are hard times, even if you have to fight everyday with yourself and others. Do never stop telling yourself what a wonderful person you are and that yourself will be always your first choice! I wish you a good start in 2018 later…πŸ˜‰

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