Dear Education System

Dear Education System,

Stop challenging my patience
Stop seeing my grade
Start seeing my creativity
The ideas that my mind made

Stop killing those ideas
And putting your mechanical books
That hardly are important in future
And time that they hooks

Knowledge is waste
But remembering is key
Your caliber is decided by that skill
And rest you see

Read, learn
Mug and mug
Until you write an exam
Until your brain is rug

Competition of marks
Competition of rank
Never let us think
Never let us thank

No success
No further ride
By the time you read this
There is another child suicide

You don’t make a mistake
Until you give a try
But when you make a mistake
Real consequences are high

A student Life already has problems
And you make it worst
Not to much for this amateur brain
To be over conscious and burst?

Money can buy you degree
Money can buy you admission
Money can buy you placements
Money can judge your position

English is not a language
But a standard
Speak it to get success
Or you future is murd

What school taught me is

Life is your own
No one would care
Bring less marks
And consequences you bare

Teaching things which are useless
And meaning morals not
Where does πr² is seen when we graduate
As per our teachers taught

Schools are factories
Colleges are banks
Education a business
Where you work according to ranks

A student may get degree
A student may get snappy
A student may be successful
But is that student happy?


28 Replies to “Dear Education System”

  1. Amazing 👏👏👏👏👏👏
    Very well written and unfortunately nobody can deny the truth you present. The last line was really fantastic. Very well conveyed, I think its exactly what we as students feel. Students creativity and happiness are last things to be discussed in education system.

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  2. This is piece is really well written! I am currently in teacher’s college and as unfortunate as it may be your story is similar to many other students. Do you mind if I use lines from your poem on my own blog and possibly in class discussions?

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  3. Love this! I’m a middle school teacher who is often looked at funny because I think a different way and see a real problem with our education system… This was very well written and a discussion starter that needs to happen!

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  4. Couldn’t have been put more beautifully. We share similar ideals. Something must be done to stop this system of putting kids as young as 9 through stress. I ask that we get together and do something to change the system. Something wrong exists to be corrected. Let’s change the system. Feel free to e-mail me at

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