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Do you ever feel every one around you are fake and pretending to be with you? Have you ever felt that life is just a mess and you want to quit that? You know what, Its all KARMA. you get what you do. Some day the dominance and mocking was done by you and that moment and that particular person was thinking of suicide. The more you isolate, the more you are isolated. This is isn’t simple as it seems. This moment you are dominated and suffering faliure, maybe next moment you have the power. Just don’t use that power. Respect your position but never overuse it. This is life. Life itself is a acheievment. You come with a certificate and die with one.


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  1. Oh Anurag, that is very deep and beautiful. But very hurtful for your own person and the others. Isn´t your poesie exactly what you describe with power? Also words have power when the sender and the addressee are the right persons.
    Yes, I feel it more and more, the fake of virtual people around, the confusion and the desire to give up.
    But you wrote, that I have injured people in the past with my actions and it now comes back to me? That would be bad, because I never knew that I hurt people that much. If I realize that I hurt someone with my behavior that could be interpreted as arrogant or just inattentive, it hurts me. Just as if I realize that my friendliness is misunderstood.
    And no, I reject power. I do not want to own power, because it is always abused. I prefer to give you my neck like a dog to show my abjectness and sincerity.

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  2. No you are right, said words can not be withdrawn. But they were not spoken without reason. Maybe not to hurt, but to show how much you got hurt? Power is powerful and actually very bad! People who really love themselves do not need power! On the contrary, the human being who is subordinate and retreats proves his love and his strength. He has the power of love. Every mother knows this feeling. Taking back and being there just for the kids for many years. ypo are not important anymore. You drive the kids to soccer training and enroll them in the piano lessons and watch the development with joy even if you secretly would have liked to learn to play the piano yourself.

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    1. Does life really stop at that time? Afraid to experience the age. But in our bad moods we say anything like anything not even close to the topic which can’t be taken back and so does the thing continuous.

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      1. oh, I think I do not understand you. When do you mean life stops? When you get old, anxious and cowardly?
        To say something out of a bad mood is always bad. After that I feel extremely bad myself, because I know that I wronged and injured someone and that hurts as well as the fact of how unhappy I ´m with my own behavior. I can only hope that the other will forgive and forget, because he knows exactly from what weakness and feeling I said this.


          1. hmm I do not know if I understood you. Of course, it’s no life if you do nothing more except of breathing. But what means “experience” and in which you see your own meaning of life is a matter of judgment and nobody should assume to judge which life is a life and which is not. It’s about being happy and giving happiness to others … being a good person on earth. This may be the housewife who “sacrifices” herself for her family, this may be the one who is always looking for new challenges, but this can also be a beggar on the street playing the harmonica.
            Whether we feel lucky is based on ourselves, just as we evaluate and feel situations. Everyone will follow his path as best he can and fight until his rating shows him a different path.

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              1. that is a fallacy, I think. Nobody should be enslaved. that is bad and there is still enough in the world. People who are forced to take on the cultural roles.
                But if I decide for myself that I will live some time for others, because it makes me happy, that’s another matter. It’s like working in a great company. You may not see my work, because I do not work on the product itself, but provide the worker with the breakfast trolley. But I can really enjoy it and I’m involved in the success, because I see that my work keeps people happy and that’s how they make the product better.
                It’s a matter of how you like to get together with other people. The tasks and jobs can of course also change and it is quite possible that I would like to create something myself. I can do that anyway.
                Of course, if there is no willingness to give something of your own time to others, then it will be difficult, but then you also have to accept that you are left alone and you do not have to look for others. A high standard? What’s this? I’m fine, so I can not complain, but I have no desire for material luxury … I have my sense of beauty and need it cozy …. but you need money of course but a pursuit of the whole “standards” I do not have these days …!

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                  1. Oh Anurag, no there is nothing to admire in my person! I‘m fighting with myself….not because of standards and high expectations I have. But I‘m really lazy and bumbling in many things. There are many alldaythings that I never learned and I m really lazy and have no drive to fight this. And than it is simply always difficult to understand other people. When you are talking of standards, how can I know what your Standards are? And for wich parts of life? I need not a lot of money…I need much less than I already have in material things. But I think my standard in other parts is higher…I need friends to meet sometimes. I need a partner, I can trust on. I do not stick together the whole day through, also do not to change his life completely, but want to be the most important person for him, likened will be for me. This is of course already a high standard….so it always depends on what standards we are talking about!

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                    1. yes still yes still up to date. People are changing by other people. For me, there are no standards. There is a cohesion and this cohesion defines the standards. All people who define themselves over power, money or luxury are in my eyes quite poor!🙂

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