Lets Kill Ourselves


Suicide sounds like a pathetic word but don’t lie to yourself, haven’t you ever thought of it. This a trendy topic but still no one ever discuss because everyone some where or the other is afraid of death. In India itself there a person suicides every 20 minutes and thats more than worst. The reasons are simple. Tired of daily routines, tired of failure, at least once, once in your life you may had thought lets give up because there is no one for me and there is no future ahead.
Pretty normal nowadays. We cry for small things we don’t get from our parents,though they try to give the best of all of possibles they can. We cry for breakups and give warnings to our partner. Thats childish but this is the truth of the time.
‎We just don’t want to try. We have become lazy. We don’t want to study and want marks and then shamelessly laughing at it with our friends not even thinking the money required and the efforts of your parents to buy that single sheet. But as said you never know the importance until you earn it or loose it.
‎In India people suicides are mostly students. Students are afraid to male mistakes in this education system. Creativity is killed from young minds and forcing them to remember as much the syllabus wants. With these things working many students loose and fail. Not fail the exam but fail life. This is sad. A student goes to go school to study to learn something new but end up doing this. So somewhere schools are also responsible.
The factor is also society. Society is the biggest evil of the era. If you want to do something,”Will Society will accept?”. If you don’t want to do something,”Will Society will accept?”. Like do people have there own lifes left? Or ia juat society living it. Parents wants marks but don’t let their chold to choose his profession, because what society will say.
The ultimate pressure is on the child. Adding up to his peers,personal problems, economical problems, relation problems, competition,etc. Is a young brain capable of resisting this much?Then they choose suicide.
But suicide isn’t a option. Suicide is not the option. Your life is still better than small boy who sleeps in streets and satisfy himself by one time meal,but he lives his life happily. But here are you,who thinks to suicide because of small reasons. The reason is still small. However big it is. Life is beautiful. You just need to clear your eyes and see it in a better perspective. You get only one life to live. Don’t waste it leaving.


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