Yes, I am afraid of Faliure

Yes I am afraid of failure

Yes I am afraid of failure. Yes I am afraid if I couldn’t manage my responsibilities. Yes I am afraid that what if I couldn’t make up to people’s expectations. Yes I am afraid of the fact that I also have to die someday. Yes I am afraid of everything around and stupidly trying act as if I don’t care. But deep inside every hour every second every moment, I just think, What if I couldn’t do anything. The fear of failure makes me weak and ignore the fact that someday or the other I have to face the truth and have manage all the things. But still Yes I am afraid of failure.


13 Replies to “Yes, I am afraid of Faliure”

  1. the art of creating problems….is a bad art! We all have fear of failure, but we do not have to let problems rule our life….and if I hear the whole day sad music, read sad poetry and think of death, it is no life anymore in my opinion. But everybody- well you and me for sure- is like this. We have some people around where we can trust in and feel save and what we need is to trust just some people more, to feel o.k. or even good in new regions out there. The expectations will not be as big as you think. Because people who love you are already very satisfied with little steps!

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    1. This is absolutely right. We all are afraid…of different things…mostly perhaps expectation of others…to evaluate every little thing, every moment does not make sense…we have to trust, to ask our self which long way we already walked. And believe in ourself if we really want to go this way. There are surely expectations, but we also have an idea of if we can fulfill the basics.

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