Dear Life,
Weeks of pain to her
I got a birth
Nothing sort of worth
Slowly lended a voice
To speak out my choice
Which was hardly audible
But to create noise
Walk was a start
Run was promotion
Stubborn was coined my name
Now I had my own notion
Chosen family was next
I got some new companion
Who fought at moon
And friends by the next sun
Now came who said forever
Who could prove it never
Cause forever is whatever
Now in a scene
Where protagonist is you
And I am in side
Where secrete is you
Which I had hide
Sometimes you give
Sometimes you steal
Sometimes you break
Sometimes you heal
Is this any game
Or a simulator to cheat
Is their any aim
Or a mission to complete
Give me a motto
Give me a reason
Give me a light
To come out of prison
Live your life
And be little selfish
Cause you get only one
To fulfill all your wish
Sacrifice for others
And promote humanity
Cause it feels good
Visualising life’s clearity
Now what to do
What to not
No one ever taught
How to open this knot
And just live without any thought.


7 Replies to “Confusion!?”

  1. what a great poem in every single word. And how many thoughts and stories may be included here? My great reverence for so much well-chosen words! Egoism against humanity. Oh man is damned to be an egoist and yet he tries to overcome it and make sacrifices. Believing people often find it easier to overcome egoism. I think it’s important to follow the inner voice. In how far I can do good or bad, I can only judge in a very small frame anyway. And since a large system works only as well as its weakest parts, it is important to think of yourself as well. I serve the whole best if I work myself, if I have found peace for myself.

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          1. I hate to say this but sometimes it let oneself be calmer a little bit: If you do your best it may not be good enough to work out well at once, but everything you do is a choice even if you are not able to move….it‘s a choice and good for something in the future. If you keep on follow your inner voice if you hesitate, then there is a will and it is said, that then there is also a way!


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