Bye School…

Started as a stranger
Made some new friends
Hardly knew anything
Soon came to an end.

16 years back
Your parents had sown a seed
The teachers watered everyday
And today it is flower indeed

A flower which will get detached today
And make a new start
16 years of love and care
Will be missed from all our heart

Long claps in assemblies
Playing football on rallball field
We didn’t realized
Where the time chilled

From running fast for games
To coming late after breaks
A sixteen year journey
Showed us many takes

Ah. Finally it came to an end
Playing in class, eating each others food
Outdoor classes in garden
Which refreshed everyone’s mood

Hundred memories lived
Thousand moments to recall
Will miss this more than a building
Hope could re live again all

Innovations of excuses
For undone homework was nothing new
Hardly we knew that our teachers were aware of everything
Little or few.


5 Replies to “Bye School…”

  1. Well this is right, not all dreams can come true, but this should be no problem… you can try and there should be no problem to realize if there are facts that you can still believe that your dreams are going to work or if you are completely in a dream where someone should tell you wake up!

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  2. Yes this is wise, happiness is always a result of giving others happiness… and it is always the old fight between ego and abdication for others. Abdication can also make happy as long there is not your heart which is fighting against….

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