Can you just
Stop judging my light
Cause you don’t have any sense
And you don’t have any right

Can you just
Understand what is beauty
Cause it’s your stupideness
And my duty

Can you just
Keep opinions with you
Cause they are worthless
And you know it too

Can you just
Accept me as i am
Cause i am tired of explaining
Beauty is not all damn

Can you just
Understand a beautiful soul
Much prettier than a face
Much likely like a goal

Can you just
Respet my nature
Follow my idea
And help creating better creature

Can you just
Stop this shit
And together make
Everyone lit

Can you just
Kill all beauty products and win
And help making this world
A better place to live in.


7 Replies to “Scars”

  1. oh no I can´t but I am sure, you can! You speak of the beautiful soul, not of the beautiful face and in spite of everything, I think that we all stick to the face and the body of the soul that pleases us … we can not deny the human in us!

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  2. A beautiful and deep meanful poetry… I like a lot… and a good thing to work on of course but if we ever can please 100%? Life is learning we never will be Perfect, it is always a state between horrible and perfect, it up to us to define our happiness unverwendbar!

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