Young, Dumb & Broke

Anurag Madan Poetry

Vexed fresh blood
Moves out to hunt
Thinking makes it slow
Overthinking making blunt
Paused for a moment
And break your life
Millions of questions running
From peace to knife
Sudden blasts
Volcanoes roar
Suggestions to hell
Positivity to sore
Random judgements
Silly convictions
Affects to core
Making it fictions
What you want
Always you don’t get
Don’t expect things
Else suffer regret
Either go with the right
Or what’s right for you
But what actually right
When you follow what you do
Simpler things
To complicate it
Then just cry upon
Why my life is shit
Not every time you’ll be happy
Blind eyes will cry
Not everytime things will favour you
A dissatisfied soul will dye
But don’t give up
Take things with a grin
Not the day but
Some day you’ll win
Achieve them
Rather appeal
Be a consistent
And make things deal
Make it you
Nobody gives a fuck
They’ll critique your move
And some corner it suck
But you be strong
Cause King’s crown shine
In the dark of hate
In the favour of time
But don’t you give up
You are still young men
Who makes mistakes
And learn it from them.

2 responses to “Young, Dumb & Broke”

  1. These blogs made my day.. these are enough to save some souls which give up who thinks thier life sucks .. lead them guide them because ik only you can make a diffrence only you have the ability to save such disoppointed people who live like the dead with no porpose .. live long and shine buddy … these line influenced me and waiting for more 😍😍

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