Day 2 of many

anurag madan books

We put boundaries to personalities and construct an identity of someone. How random it is!

How can someone expect you to not only know but know-know you quite well to understand their current life tragedies without them telling you.

Why is it that we see most of the ‘other’ people in a more material way and the people or animals or any ideas in a more emotional sense of way?

Does that even make any sense?

But we just make the part we are looking at- solid in our mind as personality.

This is just like when you tell some other person about them.

It is just full of biases.

We all are like this

We all are just full of biases.

That is just told us earlier when they tell us that there are many trues of any situation.

Life is so complicated.

Buy – F**k, I have so many Questions for more such questions in a more decorative way, ah, thanks 🙂


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