Every Other IIT aspiration

“Life set Hai bro, is biggest scam”

                                 ~every other IIT aspirant

I remember my first day at this coaching class of Engineering, and we had a session in a hall where every person just completed their vacation (few were studying during this time) and ready for the Head Teacher to give a short pre schedule of what life is gonna be. We were like okay, IIT sochke aay the, mehanat krege, jaaege IIT. MUMBAI/PAWAI ke niche to no sacrifice. I remember she asked to rise up to students who got 90% above in 10std and I was not one of them, and I saw almost all stood up, this is was not enough, she changed it to 95%, hardly few sat and rest were still, standing. This was the time the real breakdown started, My ducking very first day I was depressed, seeing other people standing.
The movie continued, gave the list of books we needed. Not even kidding it was of worth 10k and I till date, 2 years passed haven’t seen more than half of them. I swear, Note even the topper of the class opened them all. So that’s the first scam the students appearing for JEE are pushed into.
There’s this energy after coming,like no matter how you came, parents pressure, girlfriend wants to do science, whatever, the first day I swear is the one where you are so confident and look upto your teachers and you have a feeling ki IIT, AM COMING, like every student have this, this fades faster than effect of a fairness cream on a black man. I was so confident the first month and by the end of second month I knew, lag gayee h.
For me I can’t blame anyone, because my parents wanted me to continue with commerce or arts in the same School and like after reading this, you are already disappointed on me but yes, this was the scene. But I was rebel. I wanted to do science. Till 10th I was good at maths and science and really was fascinated by the subject. Little did I knew, comings here I was only taught how to solve numericals and mug up Organic Chemistry.
Organic chemistry is such a subjects where you’ll get tons of comics. Teachers of organic chemistry are generally people who just gave up on life. This is not all true. I’ve seen good teachers too but in different coaching. Yes, this comparison is only the source of entertainment for next two years. Uski class me to ye hogya. Unki teacher to video se padhati. This shit is constant in this field.

Then you get into a phase, when you just want to quit, few do who have chill parents or balls to do it. But most get stucked. I was one of them but can’t deny I was having fun. Teachers after certain point left us, disowned us and let us sleep, chat and do whatever we wanted until it didn’t affected the nerds.
And slowly time passes. Sorry, time flies like ANYTHING. Its first month and suddenly after hundred buks, thousands fails, 2-3 new bad habits, a girlfriend (maybe) the time of filling form comes.
The study I did on the day when forms got released, GOD. Everyone was nervous. Before this also we got many breaks in faces of bizzare motivations or PTMs, but this This was something different.
Then eventually the last month before exam, (FIRST attempt) then the last week and eventually a day before.
Fat chuki hai. No other expression.
Studied nothing for 2 fucking years and so called hardwork of 2½ month will reflect.
And ya did exam.
Results after 4-5 days on YOUR FACE.
60 percentile.
Happy- nah
Proud – nah
Gives a fuck – nah
Parents – OH MY, YES
TEACHERS- weirdly, don’t care, like really.

Then comes boards.

A student, literally is so tired With life actually is mentally dead by the time of boards. And teachers are also don’t give much shit about boards, IIT requires only 75 percentage.


If you reading this prior to all this, boards are really important and FUCK JEE but don’t take boards for granted. I repeat please study for boards. Leave JEE. Fail at it. You will get a second attempt. But boards, atleast in India has worth. And aspirants often try to manage both but end up screwing both.

College/school Life

There’s nothing as such. Go for Viva, practicals and to collect admit card. And no memory as such.

Skills, (puking) nothing as such exists for our great teachers, it’s all about you and carbon. Nothing else.


Bhagwan ka roop. I don’t know to be honest how to say about them. This is for sure there are some teachers that come and change your life like never before. But some teachers are so old fashion in matter of thoughts. They’ll stuff you with all the mess they know which might/not be true. But you as a decent student fucks you up.

“TEACHER bhi kaat ke chale jata hai”

You have to make yourself educated about world. No one would. And you. Know. What

BLAMING WON’T WORK. (highlight)

It simply will you more miserable.
Don’t simply be BHAKTS of anything/anybody.

Think, you’ve got limited-time left to make a difference in world, in your life.

What if you changing path?

You were told at very beginning of your life. Take science because you can do anything after that. Your view is open to every other field. If you take commerce, you are bounded and restricted to change field.
But reality, kareke to dekho. Society maar degi. To perceive your dream in India
1. Take science and Study for JEE
2. Do MBA
3. Get married
4. Have kids
5. Send money to family
6. Start working towards dream if alive

It is cliche thing, when we see people doing things that are new to society norms. But when you really do that you understand how big of a thing it really is.
Don’t you think for 16 year old to decide what he wants to do at 30/40 is a stupid thing. Like not everyone is sure about what to do.

You don’t even know what you eat in today’s lunch, but you know you can do this thing for the rest of your life.

It’s your life. Do things that don’t make you regret.

You should be good at the wrong thing. You’ll regret. And that’s poison

Anything can be earned. Not Time
Cliche but The truth.

Times were difficult. A student in JEE coaching centre is already so fucked up with pressure of coping up with stuff and added responsibilities of so much other stuff.

Last message – Do whatever your heart says.
The fuck bro, my heart doesn’t say anything. Toh mai kuch nai krta na
Whatever you doing, will end someday and you can start whenever you want. Parents, friends and stuff are more of excuses you give to yourself.
You just need balls to do stuff.
Hardwork/ smart work are second things.
First get balls to accept what to do

Doing things which you think you’ll happily struggle to. After all works take a third of your life.
It’s your Life, not anyone’s. You have to work. No one else would.

Is it difficult
_ yes
Worth it
_ definately



Please watch out this Channel, if you really want your life to have a change.

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