Day 8 of many

Holiday, a day you sometimes spend doing nothing but introspecting what has been going on in your life.

Sometimes happy, sometimes content and mostly confused. It is like a decision to make out of the inner conflict that’s been going on in head.

As suddenly you break out from the thought bubble and come to the place we call real. You see an object or two here and there and try not to lose attention to your brain again.

It is a difficult time because all week or month or year, the schedule and everyday problems kept you busy and at this moment you zoom out of your life and think.

Think what? Analyse stuff?

Then something comes up or some destruction takes you out and boom.

The thought cycle goes away till until next time.

Holiday, is a day you think you need to do most but mostly spend regretting that you wasted it.

What is a waste anyway?

Something that is not useful?

But how can you tell that when you are in that.

you never know


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