Day 11 of many

I just realised its day 11!

Usually, I do a lot of drama around me posting every day and stuff. To those who have been here for a long time, thank you so much for sticking by!

Also, I might post my old blogs again as some of you mailed me, ( YES, 2 people did, and it genuinely made my day!).

So okay, if you question deep down enough, don’t you think, in our head, we all have picked up something that we really admired and now we run with it like it’s a sole part of personality.

We just completely forget who we were before all this, whatever ‘this’ is in your life.

And here we are, a fellow new person who still wants to develop into something new we admire.

My point is-

We always change.

Sometimes we keep some parts and most of the time we leave. Our current version with all its confirmation or selection bias can only be changed in a limited, still vast, set of possibilities.

I don’t know, does that makes sense?

Continuing, the situations also change us every time. Read it somewhere, we are the consequence of our personality and the situation of demand.

Our biology at many or might at all levels control our mood and therefore behaviour, I guess.

Concluding, as I always believe, everything is so random, why do we even try to make sense.

Until next time, see ya.


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