Day 12 of many

(old post)

We have different moods and indeed different personalities and what do you know, that is the reason why we are so miserable;

We hold onto each personalities ups and downs and once in a while we relieve our this personality, the ones which you are reading;

(caught ya, ha ha)

And then we feel like a
re alive

Go further,
That’s when you relate to other people and love eventually the one which fits our disorders and makes a perfect match.

Once in a while, personalities don’t match
that’s clashes, and that personality, we tend to avoid.

Mystery solved,
Good night!

Add on- different personalities believe different things like one can believe someone is good or not and other can totally have a hateful opinion on that. Holy shit we are so complex.

So a query to you, my friend?

Does YouTube knows what you like or does it brings you to what you like ✨


And what personality, but, a fellow language’s definition to capture a meaning of something.

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