Day 13 of many

(Old post)

Wait, okay
This is your present, right?
this, this particular moment of your life
yes wait, okay
so if this is your present
and you are its observer
you are a consequence of what has previously happened to the ex-you version of yourself,
so, is everything random?
there’s nothing more over it
you just live to see yourself die
and sometimes that also is a might
so, what the fuck,
the life is happening with you ✨
so what are you exactly
you can relive the past in head

imagine something now


imagine, please. okay, please.



so,.what does it feel like?
you didn’t see that really, did you?
I mean, you didn’t see from yours eyes, so where exactly???

where do you see, actually what do you see when you imagine.

green apple

where is it? but you saw it, right??


you liar bitch.

But, anyways, my past my present and I am making the future but they all are me and time is relative and fuck you, if you said you don’t relate?

But do you?


you can call energy felt intuition as happening of you understanding the cues and passing in an inner judgment


But what is personality, rather a behavior taken under some previous indentity traits, so what is personality if not mixture of what you were and what’s your mood and the external factors around you and your inside biology at the time.

We are so random, but


but, if destiny is the case;
this article is its way to say ‘hi wait, okay’


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