(Shower thoughts) Day 21 of writing every day

what we, like we, not our body, inside our head, the voice is a software whose purpose is to figure out meaning of life.

It’s just a theory ofc and i might be high.

but anyways,

we have a lot of code running in our body like digestive system, lust, etc which all depends on hormones and that might be a variable that changes with what data we feed it.

we all are great pattern recognition thing as our whole life has been trial and error and figure out what works.

again, high

even if it so, it doesn’t matter i guess, if we just accept that theres no way to win this paradox and the whole game and just focus on living, the part where you are in the moments are more peaceful and life becomes fun.

suddenly you fool yourself again to live a fiction, you just practically created for yourself.

bye bye


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