Day 14 of many

You cant justify past to get content forever. Thats at least what I think. I mean that just keeping our past clean and justifying it with your current perception of future self cannot give you peace for long You are neither happy nor present. I hope I don’t sound absurd, Until next time, see ya.

Day 13 of many

(Old post) Wait, okayThis is your present, right?this, this particular moment of your lifeyes wait, okayso if this is your presentand you are its observeryou are a consequence of what has previously happened to the ex-you version of yourself,nah?so, is everything random?there’s nothing more over ityou just live to see yourself dieand sometimes that also […]

Day 12 of many

(old post) We have different moods and indeed different personalities and what do you know, that is the reason why we are so miserable; We hold onto each personalities ups and downs and once in a while we relieve our this personality, the ones which you are reading; (caught ya, ha ha) And then we […]

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