• Day 14 of many

    You cant justify past to get content forever. Thats at least what I think. I mean that just keeping our past clean and justifying it with your current perception of future self cannot give you peace for long You are neither happy nor present. I hope I don’t sound absurd, Until next time, see ya.

  • Day 13 of many

    (Old post) Wait, okayThis is your present, right?this, this particular moment of your lifeyes wait, okayso if this is your presentand you are its observeryou are a consequence of what has previously happened to the ex-you version of yourself,nah?so, is everything random?there’s nothing more over ityou just live to see yourself dieand sometimes that also […]

  • Day 12 of many

    (old post) We have different moods and indeed different personalities and what do you know, that is the reason why we are so miserable; We hold onto each personalities ups and downs and once in a while we relieve our this personality, the ones which you are reading; (caught ya, ha ha) And then we […]

  • Day 11 of many

    I just realised its day 11! Usually, I do a lot of drama around me posting every day and stuff. To those who have been here for a long time, thank you so much for sticking by! Also, I might post my old blogs again as some of you mailed me, ( YES, 2 people […]

  • Day 10 of many

    It’s been a long time, I have known that I overthink more than usual. But recently I’ve turned that to my super power. Like a commercial person and every influencer or YouTuber, I feel like this is my journey post. Now it’s cringe for me. But I’ll continue. I came to mumbai 6 months ago […]

  • Day 9 of many

    Confused. Sometimes I feel I am not. Most of the time, I am confused. Wait, what does confusion means? The state of not understanding something. (google told, okay?) Why do we need to understand a thing in the first place. I guess, to get control over it and not feel any danger from it, survival-wise […]

  • Mumbai- A new home

    Home. What does it even mean? Is it a place, a feeling, people or something else? I never thought about it, until I had to leave for college to Mumbai. I guess home is just a word for comfort place, where you can somehow neglect your thoughts and be there loosening up. After coming here […]

  • Day 8 of many

    Holiday, a day you sometimes spend doing nothing but introspecting what has been going on in your life. Sometimes happy, sometimes content and mostly confused. It is like a decision to make out of the inner conflict that’s been going on in head. As suddenly you break out from the thought bubble and come to […]

  • Day 7 of many

    Most of the things expands when we argue to justify it. It becomes crap there. But is it important to hit any subject or discussion of perhaps thoughts to that extreme length of questioning? Probably not. But thats called overthinking between us, right? That’s important is some instances and some not . If the above […]

  • Day 6 of many

    Sometimes you don’t really know where you going, but you just walk anyway. Sometimes there’s no other option. Everything looks in its place but doesn’t give that content. Your past relations weaken, you’re constantly confused with the new ones and again, you just go, you don’t really know where but you go. We can’t quite […]