• Hey sup


    Hey guys, my new book is finally available as paperback on Amazon. Please do drop a review and add this to your cart maybe? ❤️✨ It did great on kindle, I hope does well with paperback too! Thank you so much for supporting ! see ya.

  • (Shower thoughts) Day 21 of writing every day

    what we, like we, not our body, inside our head, the voice is a software whose purpose is to figure out meaning of life. It’s just a theory ofc and i might be high. but anyways, we have a lot of code running in our body like digestive system, lust, etc which all depends on […]

  • Day 20 of writing every day

    judgments can only happen, if there is a system to judge. and we are this way, in a way created to judge whats good and bad, because maybe that helps survival or something but we have to agree that we are made like this and we will judge people or things and ourselves too but […]

  • Day 19

    sometimes we think too much and people say its not needed, but what do they know, huh? i am not saying every situation requires overthinking, but as a person who overthinks, its my first nature to analyse things. I don’t ask for it, it happens before I know and I several situations to judge from. […]

  • AI wrote this with my blog as reference

    Existentialism: A Philosophy of Meaning Existentialism is a philosophical movement that asks the big questions about life, like “What’s the deal with the meaning of life?”, “Why are we here?”, and “What’s the point of existing?” Basically, it’s all about how we create meaning in life and how we deal with the uncertainty of existence. […]

  • Day 18 of many

    It’s so easy to manipulate yourself, but the biggest problem is to understand into what. I guess we think we know what we want to become or do we? How does it matter, we never reach that point? Or do we? Thinking about the future is already difficult to considering everyday new possibilities, some good, […]

  • #FK, I have so many Questions by Anurag Madan

    About the book : This book is structured in the form of several chaotic and idealistic questions that the poet comes across in his mind and heart. He… #FK, I have so many Questions by Anurag Madan

  • Day 17

    suddenly i saw cloudsgot out of the actjuggling between realitieskeep forgetting factsask my self whyinherently we designed to sighis there any place for meor i have to get highrandom it isi concludemore than memy thoughts are nudeis this about measked every soul evernothing makes senseshouted the cleveremptiness in abundancecontradictions i seebut what now reallywho is […]

  • Day 16

    there is no you, with out you. So we talk about a lot about utopia. i guess if the world is utopia, we, as in our current consciousness will die. what i am saying is really crazy but here me out. our insecurities, flaws makes us as much our being good and kind in the […]