What the Fuck?

What the fuck?
Question same
Am I living life
Or playing a game.

A game of characters
A game of story
Am I winning?
Or staring glory.

Sometimes happy
Sometimes sad
All time confused
Yes I am going mad.

Complicated scene
Arranging the broken
Leaving the uneed
👆 Seriosly? When?

Whom to hold? Whom to go?
Wasted half my life
Sometimes it feels
Better to use knife.

But wait
Knife for whom
Who don’t care
Who don’t need
Who is not fair
Who do all deed
Who’s heart is bare
Who is full of greed
Who had a pleasant mask to wear
And sweet conversations to feed.

Whats the revenge
Whats the justice
Your success
Your smile
Which will put it in mess
And kill a while
So its time to confess
Open up the file
And delete that page
And take out all rage
And reach the peak
And only thing to speak

What the fuck
I am the best
What about others
Fuck the rest.


Yes I know What is Life

Yes I am 15 and I understood what life is.
Life is not planning.
Life is not about a bright future.
Life is not lying to own
Life is not of 4 days.
Life is not about good.
Life is not about degrees or success. Life is not all love.
Life is not money.
Life is not together.
Life is not alone.
Life is not complaining.
Life is not friends.
Life is not enemies.
Life is not food.
Life is not complicated.
Life is not easy.
Life is not a TV show.

Life is accepting the truth that someday you’ll die. Life is finding someone crazy to spend your half life with.
Life is all about living those small moments that makes you happy,that satisfy your soul. Yes these 15 years hardly had any difficulties leaving jealousy,love,lies,hate,regret,fakeness dissatisfaction, disgrace,depression,sadness,etc and next years it will increase. So who knew till when would be I alive. And who cares though.Problems will never live because if there would be no bad,none would ever realize the importance of good. But I know in future there will be more and I just have to learn to live the small moments and handle difficulties. That is LIFE. Experience everything but never get addicted to one. Because counting my last breaths, I shouldn’t regret. If one day I have to die then why shame.Who knows whether I am there tomorrow or not so why tomorrow. LIVE IT RIGHT NOW. LIVE IT YOUR WAY. LIVE IT, DON’T LEAVE IT : )

Welcome to new People

Welcome to the new era-

Where people are busy in phone
Where parents have take time lone
Where messages reach through text
Where people confused of what next
Where stories show love
Where countdowns care
Where fakeness is trend
Where best things are rare

Welcome to the new generation-

Where a tick on shoes decide father’s face
Where money wins every race
Where parents buy children phone
Where they don’t have time for their own
Where they fight amongst each other
Where children don’t even bother.

Welcome to the new time-
Where parents is shit
But friends are lit
Where love is rare
And proposals in dare
Where partner is a must
Whether its love or lust
Where likes can show fame
And followers shame

Welcome to the new world-

Where people can’t choose one side
Where people want to suicide
Where people think there life is worst
Where still a boy everyday dies because of THIRST.


Lone fear
Sunkissed tear
Thoughts clear
Tragedy near
Peace mere
When ‘he’ is near
Generates peer
Moaning cheer
Left her body
Left her soul
Left her parents
To die in whole
Raped her inside
No her part
Broked her inside
Not her inside
Fights she alone
No support of birth giver
Remembers she the pain of moan
Always made her shiver
Fight to dicks
Fight for respect
Nobody except her
Understood her perspect
Continuous warnings to kill
Left ineffective for her
Because worst thing already happened
Now, Justice had to stir
Police complain
Court case
Couldn’t challenge the money
Left her blank face
Soliter in dark
She makes her mark
Was it her figure
Was it her dress
Or was it ‘his’ mistakes
That she got harassed
Not one but many
Not today but everyday
Thousands get raped
But few see’s justice ray
No it’s not her
But mistake of ‘his’
Lets make a change
And empowerment blis.


Live It. Leave it.

Live with what you have
Live with what get along
Live it before others steal
Live it cause nothings wrong
Experience everything
But don’t get addicted to one
Fight the problems
Instead of silent run
Live it today
Cause who knows
Tomorrow, you there or not
Tomorrow, you free or caught
Tomorrow, you puzzleed or sort
Tomorrow,you there or not.
Don’t be sad
Cause everyone doesn’t have everything
But still you have more than others
Just understand the thing
Instead of crying for what not
Live the things for which parents faught
Instead of being sad for someone
Just remember the moments caught
No dear
Your life isn’t worst
Cause still people die
Only cause to thirst
No dear
Your parents aren’t bad
Cause some people
Don’t really had
No dear
Studies aren’t tough
Its just you don’t want to
And thats enough
Whenever done
No need to end with knife
Cause its all about
Live, love and critisis life.

Yes I Understand!

The time of fail
The people that hail
When nothing on the rail
Peace in jail
Stress on sail
When heart gets pale
No time to decide
To be in which side
With whom to ride
When questions abide
Silence become rare
Time become mare
Smile become bare
But, who the fuck care?
So move alone
Change the tone
Remove all loan
A new success zone
Where mistake is less
Where people aren’t press
Where solutions are yes
Where I ain’t a mess
Not easy, I know
Not fluent to flow
Not fun to glow
But ready to sow
Ready to show
Thanks to all foe
To make me believe
That I can achieve
And I don’t need anyone
To shine like sun
To have fun
Cause i have learn

Problems a ton
Solutions isn’t run.

Lost the age of innocence…

Reached the time
Full of chaos
“Yes” or “no”
Pressure across.

Confusion more
Decision less
Thoughts sore
Mind in mess.

Some one special
Some on not
Differencing between them
Failure you got.

Opportunities less
Laziness more
Competition to heights
Hard chance to glore.

Temporarly motivation
Chronic inspiration
Fear sensation
Plus unfair reservation.

Social distraction
Slipping mood
Above all
Love for food.

Time less
Work more
And what am doing?
Sleeping on floor.

Enough ryhm
Waste of time
Make a goal
And follow it whole.

Same old style
Different new complains
But this time
I’ll find gains.

When we talk…

We are weired. We want to talk.Talk Day night. Sometimes I ain’t online, sometime you. We shout at each other for going off,the next minute the other comes. But when we come online together,we don’t talk much and act like stupids, though we have so many things to talk about. Then suddenly one of us goes and other, then suddenly remember so many things to tell. And this continues. And when the next time we clash, the same thing happens.


From stranger stares
To random acquaintances
We boosted our chats
And slighten distances.

From mere hello
To often meets
We generated trust
And conversation heats.

From unexpected lunch
To coordinating hifi
We become open
As free wifi.

From pizza promises
To white lies
We understood our future
And stretched ties.

From regular talks
To unreplied text
Everyone knows
What’s next.

From favorite notification
To unanswered seen
Experienced the same thing
We were afraid to be.

Long Distance Friendships are Ok

Long distance friendships are good
You meet after long
You respect each other
And nothing goes wrong.

You know each other’s the importance
And fight are rare
Love is original
And so does is care.

When you meet is best time
When you leave is worst
Waiting for each other’s Birthday
And making a burst.

Can give time on chatting
Can make new friends
Can manage everything easily
With no ends.

But when you got such friend
You are much attached
Because nobody you found like them
With whom you matched.