Just Friends

    A boy and a girl met

    They were Unknown

For friendship they regret

  But its seeds were sown.

        It became a plant 

         And later a tree

Time changed against those

And now they were not free

       The society opposed.

   Something was there in between Everyone thought

But in reality,the proof                       nobody got

Their friendship​ was real                   and strong

But the rumours made it                      wrong

      The talks they lend

        Came to an end.

    For others they sacrifice

      Now no hi’s no bye’s

    Slowly ignorance was                        the key

 Which hated both he and                       she

In the end they forgot each                    other

And now both were happy               with  another.

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You have to be Different (part 3)

Days passed. Some good times, some bad and some worst. But your the same you. Nothing will come to you directly,you have to work for it. You may have heard of many success stories of great people. Success stories doesn’t just have good days it is the mixture of hardwork pain and struggle. It is the determination of the person for their goal. Some day it will be your story. Your struggle would be an example for your juniors. Your surrounded people will praise you and you know the best part your parents would die in peace that they had seen their children with a bright future. No parent want their children in dept. Ok come out of the dream and think of yourself now.This period is easy for you. Everyone is one you. Their are many problems. Friendship issues, family issuess,etc. But think few years ahead no friend will care for you like you do now ( leaving some).Not for you but do it for your parents.Relationships can be made in any part of life. And if your partner really loves you he/she will respect your situation and understand and support you. Don’t just die leaving this a dream. 

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You have to be Different (part 2)

So you are still the same old you. You haven’t changed. Want proof. See now also you were scrolling feeds and now reading this like what do you get from social media. Like you even depressed manny times. Why do you always want a phone on you hand. Why don’t you understand the time you waste on this can be utilised on many things. I bet you wont chose helping your parents instead of chatting. Like what are you doing. Your mother wasn’t busy chatting when you were hanging in her for 9 months. When they made you how to walk , how to speak. Leave this. Chatting day night you still think you have the worst problem yes you have because you don’t want to solve it you just want to have sympathy and cry . Do you Know there are some houses who don’t have parents, who have but are divorcing and children have to take this shit at a age of playing with them. Some people on road don’t expect for a meal. You don’t have a problem,you are creating it. Are you afraid of failiur ? No because if you were you would have done some hard work. You are a lazy asshole who just wants spoon feeding till death.Grow up understand your responsibilities. Understand your consequences. Understand that nobody expect you can handle this situation and this is the biggest medal of your life.

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Fathers Day


                Hit me

  He will hit you harder,

          He is my hero 

        He is my father.

     When mom said me no

      You were my support,

      Dad you don’t know

  But you are water to my boat.

   The months of hot sun rays

          You worked for us,

   Just to make our good days

        Always you adjusts.

    You did more than you can

          You are my man,

I hope when I grew I become like                           you

Proud father with children two.

When times are hard you become                          wall

        And take all my pain,

I want to be like you and afterall

       Your blood is my vein. 

       Sometimes you scold

       Sometimes you hold,

  I know its because your care

 I don’t pray to god Because you                   are my prayer.

            I am sorry dad

             If I was rude,

  You are the best thing i ever had

       And my perfect dude.

Broken Friendship

​Why they care

Whenever they need

Its not fair

I m not their weed


I was there whenever they want

But in my time

Its just me alone who haunt

Making poems with silly rhyme.

The promises you maded

The lies you told

My trust is faded

Crumbled and fold.
Rumours killed me inside

But you didn’t cared

Never by my side

Thats the thing i scared 
You killed my trust

As it was a toy

I cried that our friendship had rust

But you had a joy.
Third person was the reason

You didn’t trusted me

Karma has its own season

Now you bitch just see.

You have to be Different

Ok you are a messed up child who is jealous of rich asses showing off and you want tpo be materialistic as them.But your parents say they can’t offored and you say something bad to them and leave. What do you think for whom they are earning. Your education. Your clothes. Your tuition. Your daily expenditure. There are so many things. Now soon or later you have to earn. If you didn’t take your education seriously you ver well know the consequences. Do you know how parents feel after seeing your dumbass marks. There is no option for you. You have to grow up before age. What if you didn’t do? Imagine your future. Sad? Never too late grow up. Start taking these things seriously. Ok now think about your social problems with friends. You will feel these are nothing infront of your family problems. Grow up. Life will give hundred of opportunities gor relationships. Dont waste your  time in that.Leave addictions.There future depends on you. They are not investing on you to see the same they have too live with. this writing want help. Do something. Do something unusual. Set an example for your children. Do something that your children don’t have to face your situation.

Let The Life Surprise You



 Dont expect that something will happen and everything will be alright and easy . The life is not easy for anyone. Don’t be sad of what you don’t have , be happy because the reality is nobody can handle you situation better than you. Be proud of yourself. Be proud of that you do everyday to make everything normal . be proud of everything you did past years which are impossible for anybody to do be proud of Yourself indeed you deserve a bright future ahead. Experience everything in your life but don’t get addicted to one. Burn everyone with your success. One day you will be proud that even managing this worst situation you are a winner.

Messed Up? Must Read

Why will not am

 – Everyone has Big future plans. Everyone wants to make their parents proud. Everyone wants game. Everyone​ wants everything to have a better future with no issues. But no one wsnts to do the hardwork needed to fulfill their dreams. Everyone wants spoon feeding. Why we get emotional after hearing some motivation or being jealous after seeing someone’s success,that moment we just can do anything for our goals but ends at ‘will’. Nobody says i ‘am’.This why you are here reading This and thinking this is true for me and ‘will’ just think and be back to original after 5 min.SO CHANGE..So STOP COMPLAINING START DOING​. 

Are you Special?Do you have a Value?

Are you special?
Do you think you are special? 

Special for whom?Your family? Your friends?strangers?its like once in our lifetime,we  feel we are being ignored,we are being removed or REPLACED.The thing is you dont care about your parents, its very normal you do but yhey are not your first priority.why?only they are the once who will stay with you for lifetime.still when it comes to friends we can do anything. The person you giving importance , don’t care at all and the person who do you don’t. Its just that the person you care knows that you will be always there as a backup and leaves you.and when comes back you as a dumb accept him again. Nothing will last forever Its better that you realise as early as possible your position

Why Always me?

Why Always With Me?

Why? Why do priorities change? Why does someone’s importance change? Why is there a third person in every case? Why people hesitate to accept their mistake? Why are people full of ego? Why is there always such a big dilemma? Why nobody answers these questions? The simple answer is in every question.

Time changes priorities, it’s changed by a third person and because of their ego, they don’t accept their mistake. There is no dilemma, nobody wants any dominance, but they’re still suffering with it.But it always ends with one question, why only me?

It’s not only you, look around, do you think only you have problems? No, you don’t know what’s happening in others lives, the solution to your problem is you, but you understand the importance of a solution after implying on it. Never be late in identifying that person in you, never leave that person.