Things Nowadays…

Lots thoughts

No conclusion

Fear of faliure

Mood’s destruction.

I can’t, I won’t

Became routine

When a light of hope shone

And dimmed like a sin.

Sympathy, Empathy

Are weapon

Experience my shoes

Then don’t run.

Life is not easy

That’s what I was taught

But to that heights

I never thought.

I try to escape

I try to end

I try to smile

I try to pretend.

Uncountable problems

Still I increase everyday

Without reason adding bulk

It has become a habit, to pay.

At the end 

I try to defend

But expectations hate me

Adding problems for free.


My life,Worst life

Why everyone think their life is the worst? Why always people think of quiting everything? What do you think this will relief you. You never know what’s going in someone’s life. You never know what someone suffer of everyday. But you think your life is the worst. God only has taken to revenge from you out of 7 billion people. You must have seen a guy on a road begging. For that one, life is terrible. One time meal a day means everything to him. But here are you after having such a luxurious​ life, you feel your life is te worst. Imagine that person with no parents or single parent but manages everything. He/she may never show you, but you can’t even imagine how much he misses his family. And here are you, feeling your parents are worst, they don’t buy ypu anything, the scold you for small things. Life will give you ten things to leave but also thousand things to live. Giving up isn’t a option. You have so much guts to give but no determination and hardwork to prov yourself? No one can stop you? No one even bothers. The only people bothers are those who you call ‘cruel’ parents. But still you think your life is different and worst. If life gives you everything easily, you would’nt understand the pain to gain it. Not over. Still time. A whole new life can be started from thia moment​. Stop bothering about others. Stop caring about others. Stop carring about people and of ehat  they think.This is your stage. This is your show. Don’t let anyone replace you 😉


Infront​ ice

Back flame

Go away 

If you can’t be the same

Infront​ best

Back worst

Find someone else

To fulfill your thirst

Infront​ cookie

Back burnt bread

I don’t know why

You ate up my head


Infront​ USA

Back China

You are a good actor

You camouflaged like hyena

Infront​ heal

Back pain

I regret when for you

I was insane

Infront​ sweet

Back bitter

Seeing​ you now, I advice

Contact a baby sitter

Infront​ heat

Back cold

I never knew 

You could be sold

Infront​ God

Back devil

If it was legal

I would have seriously kill

Infront​ food

Back shit

You came out to be someone

I never thought out a bit

Infront​ trust

Back bitch

Sorry I trusted you

Didn’t knew you were a witty witch

Infront​ real

Back fake

Pardon me dear

For God’s sake

Infront​ vodka

Back local drink

In a drop of water

Go die sink

Infront​ love

Back hate

I won’t take revenge

Karma is my mate

Infront sun 

Back moon

Disney offered you

Cause you are a toon.

Infront​ pizza

Back bun

Fuck you man

Cause I am done:)


Grined on your entrance

Cried holding you

Time tested his patience

And he showed what he can do

From high tides

To hot rays

Without complain

In his own impairing ways

Worst situations

He’ll always stay

Help you hardest

Words are slight to say

Hurt him

Insult him

He’ll never leave you

And fight as a team

Sacrifices unlimited

Compromises infinite

At least respect his efforts

Respect his mights

Hidden tears

With a big smile

He provides more than he can

Near or far a mile 

Work hard

Set up your​ beam

Don’t let him die 

Without fulfilling his dream.



The stories you make


The things of pride


The time you wasted


To the things we lend


To the ugly lies


Did you lie


So much of sigh


Cause I am done


Nothing left to cover.

Obalation 👿or😇

Abundant compromises

Obscured sacrifices

Dummy smile

Indeed in crises.

Stone on heart

Will disparte

Blind to truth

Aborted start.

Forgery grin

Upto the chin

Achieves conceal affliction

Enforced unwilling sin.

Mankind’s victory

Humane’s delivery

Ultimate conclusion

Fraud world’s merry.


Behind that smile

Hides many mystery

Behind that face

Lies untold history

Behind that eyes

Are many secrets

Behind that forhead

Dies everyday regrets

Behind him

Lies her concerns

Untold care

Which everyday burns

Behind his body

Beats a broken heart

Behind his soul

Worries a over secure part

Behind anything

Lies other’s happiness

Behind everything

He is a mess.

When Life becomes Hell:(

When I was born
For seeing me, people were​ dying
It was the only time
My parents could see me crying.

I cried for going to school
I cried to leave my place
I cried to leave my parents
I cried for open lace.

Now too I cry for going school
Now too I cry when I am hurt
But now I have learn to hide it
With a full assert.

School wasn’t enough
Home wasn’t too
Whole life was becoming hell
Now what should I do?

I didn’t knew the life would be so hard
I always enjoyed earlier
Without any stress
Without any tear.

Sometimes family gave up on me
Some times my friends did
Some times tired of all
I tried to get off rid.

Rid. End it all
A silence fall
Hang on wall
Because who will care
After my exit, everyone will forget
This isn’t fair.

Not fair,I deserve better
Many things left for me 
So much left to experience
So much to see.

This phase gave me lessons 
This phase made me realize
Of what is life
And what is disguise.

Some days good
Some days bad
This is only ‘life’
So don’t be sad!

Solitary in Dark

Solitary in dark

She made her mark,

Step by step by step

Reduced her pep.

Killing silence

A bike broke,

Fear ate her mind

Her heart havoc.

Whistling tune

Eco her ear,

Changed her gear

Street deteced her tear.

Out of fear

She ran to near,

Not so speed

Fulfilled the boy’s greed

The hands that pledge

Took her esteeme,

One was not enough

Participated the team.

A place

Where god is women,

Have grace

So strong are here’s men.

To the victim

Wasn’t done,

Parents denied justice

The only option was to run.

Run for justice

Run for respect,

Run for everything

That stole her prospect.

Again solitary in dark

Made her mark,

This time is built

And won without guilt.

I Lost

Solitary in dark

snaped the door

Wild tears flooded

Brain storm sore.

Blade on right

Her tattoo on left

Sweated my eyes

My heart debt.

Recollection of memories

Phase of depression

Knifes on back

Fake compassion.

Right hand 

Touched the left one

Drops of red

Haters won.

Knock on door

I threw the blade

Thought of my love ones

But slowly fade.