Solitary in Dark

Solitary in dark

She made her mark,

Step by step by step

Reduced her pep.

Killing silence

A bike broke,

Fear ate her mind

Her heart havoc.

Whistling tune

Eco her ear,

Changed her gear

Street deteced her tear.

Out of fear

She ran to near,

Not so speed

Fulfilled the boy’s greed

The hands that pledge

Took her esteeme,

One was not enough

Participated the team.

A place

Where god is women,

Have grace

So strong are here’s men.

To the victim

Wasn’t done,

Parents denied justice

The only option was to run.

Run for justice

Run for respect,

Run for everything

That stole her prospect.

Again solitary in dark

Made her mark,

This time is built

And won without guilt.


I Lost

Solitary in dark

snaped the door

Wild tears flooded

Brain storm sore.

Blade on right

Her tattoo on left

Sweated my eyes

My heart debt.

Recollection of memories

Phase of depression

Knifes on back

Fake compassion.

Right hand 

Touched the left one

Drops of red

Haters won.

Knock on door

I threw the blade

Thought of my love ones

But slowly fade.

I am changed.Really?

I am changed.why?

Is it because i don’t give you that importance that you want or is it you expect me to text you first all the time. Why me? Can’t you?You will see my online status ten times,stalk me ten times,but won’t text and you want me to text and at the end of the day I am changed. And if i am changed,so what? If you would have cared earlier, texting me it won’t be a issue now. Ok i am changed,i agree take it to yourself​.why you are publiciting it.Why?any pleasure? I was never changed.It was you.It was your expectations.It was all you, BUT I AM CHANGED.And if I am, it’s Just because of you. Indeed I have no pleasure in changing,but if I am it’s your mistake​.

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​They are also Human Beings

​They are also Human Beings.

Lesbian bisexual

Transgender or gay,

All are Human Beings

All are similar some way.

You eat the same

You pray the same,

So from where does

This difference came.

Some family support

Some not,

They Leave them alone

Or boycott.

In the world of growing population

They adopt children,

Give them their names

Which we have drained.

We are racial

They don’t get jobs,

They live on streets

No option left,they rob.

Their crime

Is our fault,

They don’t know what’s right

Because nobody taught.

They dye starving

Because of us,

At least give them food

Don’t be so disgust.

Call them ‘Chakka’

And other name,

Put yourself​ in their shoes

And understand the pain.

People discriminate them

And judiciary ignore,

This racial society

Could never sore.

You laugh at them

You make their fun,

Karma will hit you soon

You Hide or run.

So what

They are different,

Respect them

Be a gent.

Let them live

With Harmony and Peace,

They are also Human Beings

Stop the nonsense of tease.

Yes You Left ‘Her’

Yes you left her

Alone in night,

Because it was ‘she’

And you a hypocrite.

You enjoyed that night 

Nine months back,

But can’t handle your responsibility now

You seriously are mack.

You tried to kill her

Before she was born,

But there’s come society

And saved her from getting worn.

One day your ‘he’

Will leave you alone,

And you will remember ‘she’

Then you will understand the value of your unpayed loan.

When you will die 

No one would fret,

But still she will come 

And your sole will regret.

Dowry was a one of the reason

She couldn’t get a existence,

It was not your mistake alone

Its is society’s persistence.

Yes she is alive

And live her life,

Without you, without your dowry

She is a happy wife.

Yes you left her 

And didn’t gave your name,

One day you will regret

When she will have fame.

You didn’t want a girl

But you are alive because of a ‘she’,

Then why don’t you understand

And make it ‘we’.

Give her birth 

Give her life,

She is not your doll

To show your stife,

Give her respect

Give her chance,

And one day people will die

Even to get her one glance.

Girl is your sister

Girl is your mother,

We all know their importance

Nobody can replace her with other.❤

Humans Are Weird

Humans are weird

They want success

But not hardwork,

They laugh at their failure

With a silly smirk.

Humans are weird

They want someone

Who loves them like hell,

But can’t do the same with whom they are liked

And fall in karma’s well.

Humans are weird

They don’t care about the person 

When they exist,

And after there exit

They can’t resist.

Humans are weird

They look  themselves in mirror

And feel good

Found some flaw,

 Spoil their mood.

Humans are weird

They cry for small things

And think of suicide,

Cry for few hours 

And put this aside.

Humans are weird

They always want something

And when they obtain,

They want another

Without any pain.

Humans are weird

They talk to someone daily

And suddenly ignore,

May be they got some one better

May be they are bored.

Humans are weird

For them

Other humans are time pass ,

They flirt, they stare and when done

Change their class.

Humans are weird

They know what’s wrong

But still do ,

God knows when

They will grew.

Humans are weird

They pray 

when the need 

And forget ,

When received.

Humans are weird

For nothing they over think

And spoil their mood,

Sigh for nothing

And a behavior rude.

Humans are weird

They talk to those

Whom they once ignore,

Making their own stories

With a fake sore.

Humans are weird

Even I am 

Writing this doesn’t make any sense

But i still did ,

Without dispense. 

My Life!

I don’t know

What is going on

Some people stay some go

Don’t know whom to rely upon.

Some gives opinion

Some advices,

Some tell to give up

Without any compromises.

There are many problems

Still I cry on one,

Family is important or friends?

In end I choose none.

Life sucking hard

But I forget this everytime,

I am not alone

Who faces this hym.

One problem

One more,

And this increases

It doesn’t end till I am sore.

Sometimes I think to end this

Sometimes I feel to give up,

Nothing left for me

All is that I am fed up.

No,its not the answer, I thought

There are more ways I got,

If there are many things to leave

There are more to live.

It’s You ❤

Its you

In my head

Made me think

Till I am dead.

Its you 

In my eyes

Made me blind

When seen with other guys.

Its you

In my nose

Smelling you 

Is better than rose.

Its you

In my jaw

God made you perfect

Without any flaw.

Its you

In my brain

And our love

In your vein.

Its you

In my dream

I am fighting to with a monster

And we are a team.

Its all you

Inside me 

My heart is locked

And your its key.

Its you 


But don’t love me

Life is unfair.

When I was your Part

Inside your womb

When I was ​your part

I was your life

And you were my heart.

You could kill me inside

But you did not

I am thankful to this

And love you a lot.

Slowly I grew

With some body structure too

And in within a couple of weeks

With my own little heart too.

When I was in you

I had no stress and fright

The only thing I did was 

Sleep day and night.

Slowly I could be seen

In your big belly

People put their ear there

Like it was there telly.

My kick made you smile

My movement grin

If you cry someday along

It will be my sin.

It was the time

I had no fear of no light

Because you were there with me

Which made my days shine bright.

 Though now I’m not a part of you  

But I know you’ll never change

Never be far

Always in range.

Hanging me for 9 months

Was not an easy Duty

But you did it with full dedication

Without loosing your beauty.

When I saw you 

I cried

Because I was happy inside

Alone with pride.

Words can’t describe your pain

For the things you did

I am thankful ​to god

I am your kid:)

Why Me Always?

Why? Why do priorities change? Why does someone’s importance change? Why is there a third person in every case? Why people hesitate to accept their mistake? Why are people full of ego? Why is there always such a big dilemma? Why nobody answers these questions? The simple answer is in every question.

Time changes priorities, it’s changed by a third person and because of their ego, they don’t accept their mistake. There is no dilemma, nobody wants any dominance, but they’re still suffering with it.But it always ends with one question, why only me?

It’s not only you, look around, do you think only you have problems? No, you don’t know what’s happening in others lives,There are many people for whom a one time meal means everything,and see you busy struggling with these friendship issues. The solution to your problem is you, but you understand the importance of a solution after implying on it. Never be late in identifying that person in you, never leave that person.Nobody will come to you. This your time. This is you show. 

“Jealous them with your success,Kill them with your success!”