Why Dear Time

Why dear time
Why testing much
Enough of tests
It won’t work such
Why dear time
Testing patience beyond limits
Tired of all fails
Blasted all my wits
Why dear time
When I get a reason to leave
You show me something worser
And ask me to live
Why time why
Can’t you tell the reason of my presence
Can’t you set me a goal
Can’t you judge my essence
Why dear time
You won’t stop to hear anyone
Let others die
You’ll continue waking up sun
Why time why
Tell me WTF is going on
Because some moment it sucks
Understanding why I had born.


Yes, I am afraid of Faliure

Yes I am afraid of failure

Yes I am afraid of failure. Yes I am afraid if I couldn’t manage my responsibilities. Yes I am afraid that what if I couldn’t make up to people’s expectations. Yes I am afraid of the fact that I also have to die someday. Yes I am afraid of everything around and stupidly trying act as if I don’t care. But deep inside every hour every second every moment, I just think, What if I couldn’t do anything. The fear of failure makes me weak and ignore the fact that someday or the other I have to face the truth and have manage all the things. But still Yes I am afraid of failure.

Lets Kill Ourselves


Suicide sounds like a pathetic word but don’t lie to yourself, haven’t you ever thought of it. This a trendy topic but still no one ever discuss because everyone some where or the other is afraid of death. In India itself there a person suicides every 20 minutes and thats more than worst. The reasons are simple. Tired of daily routines, tired of failure, at least once, once in your life you may had thought lets give up because there is no one for me and there is no future ahead.
Pretty normal nowadays. We cry for small things we don’t get from our parents,though they try to give the best of all of possibles they can. We cry for breakups and give warnings to our partner. Thats childish but this is the truth of the time.
‎We just don’t want to try. We have become lazy. We don’t want to study and want marks and then shamelessly laughing at it with our friends not even thinking the money required and the efforts of your parents to buy that single sheet. But as said you never know the importance until you earn it or loose it.
‎In India people suicides are mostly students. Students are afraid to male mistakes in this education system. Creativity is killed from young minds and forcing them to remember as much the syllabus wants. With these things working many students loose and fail. Not fail the exam but fail life. This is sad. A student goes to go school to study to learn something new but end up doing this. So somewhere schools are also responsible.
The factor is also society. Society is the biggest evil of the era. If you want to do something,”Will Society will accept?”. If you don’t want to do something,”Will Society will accept?”. Like do people have there own lifes left? Or ia juat society living it. Parents wants marks but don’t let their chold to choose his profession, because what society will say.
The ultimate pressure is on the child. Adding up to his peers,personal problems, economical problems, relation problems, competition,etc. Is a young brain capable of resisting this much?Then they choose suicide.
But suicide isn’t a option. Suicide is not the option. Your life is still better than small boy who sleeps in streets and satisfy himself by one time meal,but he lives his life happily. But here are you,who thinks to suicide because of small reasons. The reason is still small. However big it is. Life is beautiful. You just need to clear your eyes and see it in a better perspective. You get only one life to live. Don’t waste it leaving.

Answer Me

Do you ever feel every one around you are fake and pretending to be with you? Have you ever felt that life is just a mess and you want to quit that? You know what, Its all KARMA. you get what you do. Some day the dominance and mocking was done by you and that moment and that particular person was thinking of suicide. The more you isolate, the more you are isolated. This is isn’t simple as it seems. This moment you are dominated and suffering faliure, maybe next moment you have the power. Just don’t use that power. Respect your position but never overuse it. This is life. Life itself is a acheievment. You come with a certificate and die with one.

Dear Education System

Dear Education System,

Stop challenging my patience
Stop seeing my grade
Start seeing my creativity
The ideas that my mind made

Stop killing those ideas
And putting your mechanical books
That hardly are important in future
And time that they hooks

Knowledge is waste
But remembering is key
Your caliber is decided by that skill
And rest you see

Read, learn
Mug and mug
Until you write an exam
Until your brain is rug

Competition of marks
Competition of rank
Never let us think
Never let us thank

No success
No further ride
By the time you read this
There is another child suicide

You don’t make a mistake
Until you give a try
But when you make a mistake
Real consequences are high

A student Life already has problems
And you make it worst
Not to much for this amateur brain
To be over conscious and burst?

Money can buy you degree
Money can buy you admission
Money can buy you placements
Money can judge your position

English is not a language
But a standard
Speak it to get success
Or you future is murd

What school taught me is

Life is your own
No one would care
Bring less marks
And consequences you bare

Teaching things which are useless
And meaning morals not
Where does πr² is seen when we graduate
As per our teachers taught

Schools are factories
Colleges are banks
Education a business
Where you work according to ranks

A student may get degree
A student may get snappy
A student may be successful
But is that student happy?


Hundred chances
Thousands try
Only failure
Anyone knows why?

It was not failure
Neither it was a try
Its just begging
To a mission high.

Can cry for failure
Can sigh in bad time
Lazy ass won’t get up
But sing sad hyme

Many pending assignments
Many undone effort
But you will waste all time
Daydreaming or flirt

Your motivations, your idols
Were not one day star
They also did hard work
They have also struggled so far.

Patience isn’t the only key
Nor the determination
It’s just the will to do
That results in succession.

These things are nice to listen
And motivating to hear
But ask yourself
What would you do after here.

Those Worst days…

There are good days. There are bad days. And there are those worst days of life which we all hate. It feels like giving up. It feels like every one is just onto you. It feels like quiting. It feels like no one loves you. It feels like every one is fake. It feels like crying. It feels like everyone is fake and lying. It feels angry. It feels irritating. It feels like everything is complicated and next moment everything is so clear. It feels like sleeping (to be honest). hAnd when that best person person, you trusted would support, ignores your mood, it feels like hanging. Then to there’s expectations for next day. But who knows what will happen. And who cares. This is childish but hurts a lot. And we still know future is more harder then this. Days will change and so does moods. But one thing, we get to know things and people better. We get to know what is forever and what is whatever. And then we realise how much are parents love. But still we know the same thing will happen. And we’ll cry again but yeah, who cares. We haven’t even lived half of our life and feel to end. This is weired. This is coward. Live the good. Leave the bad. Thanks for reading as it makes no sense:)

Loosing Friends?

A 5 year old child
Who was crying to go to school
Soon got some friend group
And made everyday cool

The cried together
They laughed together
They lived together
They sighed together.

But slowly they grew up
And members declined
Distances increased
And soon confined

Soon he was alone
Finding some he could call best
And then he suddenly changed
A change to test.

He also got some new ones
Whom he enjoyed better
He started loosing the old ones
As if they don’t matter

Was it right or wrong
One day he thought
Concluding in end
Nothing he got.

But then he never looked back
And lived the present
But he always regret his decision
The things he meant

Without loosing you can’t grow
You have to lessen with a strife
Cause this is a cycle
This is life.

What the Fuck?

What the fuck?
Question same
Am I living life
Or playing a game.

A game of characters
A game of story
Am I winning?
Or staring glory.

Sometimes happy
Sometimes sad
All time confused
Yes I am going mad.

Complicated scene
Arranging the broken
Leaving the uneed
👆 Seriosly? When?

Whom to hold? Whom to go?
Wasted half my life
Sometimes it feels
Better to use knife.

But wait
Knife for whom
Who don’t care
Who don’t need
Who is not fair
Who do all deed
Who’s heart is bare
Who is full of greed
Who had a pleasant mask to wear
And sweet conversations to feed.

Whats the revenge
Whats the justice
Your success
Your smile
Which will put it in mess
And kill a while
So its time to confess
Open up the file
And delete that page
And take out all rage
And reach the peak
And only thing to speak

What the fuck
I am the best
What about others
Fuck the rest.

Yes I know What is Life

Yes I am 15 and I understood what life is.
Life is not planning.
Life is not about a bright future.
Life is not lying to own
Life is not of 4 days.
Life is not about good.
Life is not about degrees or success. Life is not all love.
Life is not money.
Life is not together.
Life is not alone.
Life is not complaining.
Life is not friends.
Life is not enemies.
Life is not food.
Life is not complicated.
Life is not easy.
Life is not a TV show.

Life is accepting the truth that someday you’ll die. Life is finding someone crazy to spend your half life with.
Life is all about living those small moments that makes you happy,that satisfy your soul. Yes these 15 years hardly had any difficulties leaving jealousy,love,lies,hate,regret,fakeness dissatisfaction, disgrace,depression,sadness,etc and next years it will increase. So who knew till when would be I alive. And who cares though.Problems will never live because if there would be no bad,none would ever realize the importance of good. But I know in future there will be more and I just have to learn to live the small moments and handle difficulties. That is LIFE. Experience everything but never get addicted to one. Because counting my last breaths, I shouldn’t regret. If one day I have to die then why shame.Who knows whether I am there tomorrow or not so why tomorrow. LIVE IT RIGHT NOW. LIVE IT YOUR WAY. LIVE IT, DON’T LEAVE IT : )