Day 6 of many

Sometimes you don’t really know where you going, but you just walk anyway. Sometimes there’s no other option. Everything looks in its place but doesn’t give that content. Your past relations weaken, you’re constantly confused with the new ones and again, you just go, you don’t really know where but you go. We can’t quite […]

Day 5 of many

Hey guys, so the first week went very great for the book and it reached # 1 on Amazon’s hot new selling! Thank you so much for your support! Please drop the review, if you liked it! Also, for a long time now, I’ve been wondering about many things. Much of it is small stuff, […]

Day 4 of many

Hey guys, today is 15th July and in just 3 days my new book will be out!! The eyes might see what they want, or do they have an option?Is our previous thought influenced by the thought before it or there is a new start? If words structure everything, how are we surviving with vague […]