Day 18 of many

It’s so easy to manipulate yourself, but the biggest problem is to understand into what. I guess we think we know what we want to become or do we? How does it matter, we never reach that point? Or do we? Thinking about the future is already difficult to considering everyday new possibilities, some good, […]

#FK, I have so many Questions by Anurag Madan

About the book : This book is structured in the form of several chaotic and idealistic questions that the poet comes across in his mind and heart. He… #FK, I have so many Questions by Anurag Madan

Day 17

suddenly i saw cloudsgot out of the actjuggling between realitieskeep forgetting factsask my self whyinherently we designed to sighis there any place for meor i have to get highrandom it isi concludemore than memy thoughts are nudeis this about measked every soul evernothing makes senseshouted the cleveremptiness in abundancecontradictions i seebut what now reallywho is […]