Day 1 of many

Hey, again, how are you?

I am starting to write everyday, again!

Let’s see how it goes this time.

So, what’s up? My 4th book- F**k, I have so many Questions will be out this 18th July!

Honestly, its a book about curiosity.

As in, we are born into this world where we all grow up to realize that nobody actually has any idea about what’s going on here.

Why anything at all in the first place?

Here’s the Official Description –

The eyes might see what they want, or do they have an option?
Is our previous thought influenced by the thought before it or there is a new start? If words structure everything, how are we surviving with vague language boundaries and words that light an emotion or a chain of thought in someone else’s mind?

Questions have an arrival, a sweet life, and a chaotic demise. Sometimes it helps to be curious, the other times it sucks to be in a loop.

F**K, I have so many Questions is a poetic journey through many unanswered questions. Join the trip through the turmoil and perceive yourself better than ever.

After all, we know only a drop in this ocean called life.

Pre- Order now!

So, that’s all for today!

Let me know what you feel about the above. I am really excited to receive emails and texts from you guys!

Thank you for reading so far!


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