Day 10 of many

It’s been a long time, I have known that I overthink more than usual. But recently I’ve turned that to my super power.

Like a commercial person and every influencer or YouTuber, I feel like this is my journey post.

Now it’s cringe for me. But I’ll continue.

I came to mumbai 6 months ago for college and its been a good ride. I thought I have seen everything until I came here to break that notion every single day.

Everyday theres something that is so extreme in itself that, I have to make a new mental model to deal with it.

But it’s fine I guess. That’s what we do all the time. We live a beautiful story created for ourselves and work towards enhancing and improvising with it.

As confused as I am every day, I think a lot about what people think.

Not about me, in general.

Like how do they perceive the world and why are they what they are.

Not to exploit them, just to know me better by knowing them.

Feels like I a justifying myself, lmao.

But meh, I read a thing recently that told that, half of what we write or say perhaps, is just explaining what we meant.

And tbh, I have concluded that most people don’t understand what people say. They have their own perception of it.

It’s fine I guess.

Remember, we live a lie and this is just another element of it.

Okay, so ya, that was it.

I had a picture posted on my banned (for no reason at all), an Instagram account which had a caption saying-

I overthink what I overthink.

Until next time, see ya.


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