Day 20 of writing every day

judgments can only happen, if there is a system to judge.

and we are this way, in a way created to judge whats good and bad, because maybe that helps survival or something

but we have to agree that we are made like this and we will judge people or things and ourselves too

but thats not the point.

the point is, if there is god, does he wants us to be like this, like in a chaos or he himself has judgmental brain which makes him decide whats good and bad.

again the argument of good and bad

but anyway, the only difference between us and robots is that we choose what to do and they are told what to do

but that is desire for us.

How can we be in a physical space where we know we are being judged and vice versa and still not affect by it

Thick skin?

But some are lucky with biological gifts and some have to develop it.

eventually for what tho?

Like seriously whats the point?

The rich ain’t happy, the poor ain’t happy, the fit isn’t happy, the out-of-shape one is probably zoned out now. Sorry lol.

but there are happy moments in people’s life

some allow it gracefully , some want more

it fascinates me, how all have mutually decided not to talk about that everything in meaningless and lets live in a fiction we build together.

cool tho,

only thing that works maybe.

if you want to, take this conversation further.



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